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Bob Ferguson's failure leads to a woman being attacked

Bob Ferguson’s failure to protect the public as Attorney General just became tragically real for a woman in her 60s who was out hiking.

When Governor Inslee released more than one thousand convicted criminals from prison because of COVID-19, Bob Ferguson said and did nothing. Bob’s failure of leadership on public safety resulted in a woman being viciously attacked by someone the state knew was a dangerous criminal, and should have been locked up.

According to the Q13 report, the attacker had been in and out of prison several times and his criminal record shows 11 arrests, with seven felony convictions.

This is by no means the first time Bob Ferguson has stayed silent while criminals threaten our public safety. After more than 100 attacks on people seeking justice in the King County Courthouse, the judges took the unprecedented action of closing the main entrance for several weeks. Bob Ferguson—the state’s top legal officer–said nothing and did nothing to protect our justice system from being attacked.

For all Bob Ferguson’s talk about the rule of law and keeping people safe by proposing new gun and other laws, he doesn’t even try to protect our communities from those who violate laws already on the books.

I was furious when I read about this. I’m sure you are, too. Bob Ferguson has failed all of us. It’s time to replace him with someone who will stand up for the rule of law and provide a much needed check and balance on the Governor.

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