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Do you want more leadership or more partisanship?

I feel the fears and frustrations of our fellow citizens. So many are out of work and businesses are failing left and right. Governor Jay Inslee used his broad emergency powers to fight the first wave of COVID-19, and thanks to the efforts of millions of Washingtonians, social distancing worked to avoid overcrowding hospitals.

But what Gov. Inslee himself calls the blunt instrument of a statewide lockdown has left many people feeling like they’ve been treated unequally. That lack of trust is leading to citizen protests and now some of our elected officials say they won’t enforce some of his orders.

Even worse, as his recent press conferences have shown, the Governor has no specific plan, based on science or economics, for moving forward.

Unfortunately, to paraphrase Winston Churchill, this is not the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 fight, it is the end of the beginning. History, and experts we can actually trust, are saying we will need to be prepared to fight the virus through the end of this year and into next.

But fortunately, this fall, in the middle of this fight, you will get to choose whether you want to elect public officials who are focused on leading all of our state or those focused on their own partisan agendas.

We need an Attorney General who is willing to lead in these tough situations, who will bring people together, who will stand up for all of us in the Evergreen State.

I have put leadership over partisanship in my decades as a community leader and in my legal career, bringing diverse groups together to solve tough challenges like traffic congestion, access to health care, and innovative models to deliver the news.

My opponent Bob Ferguson continues to divert millions of dollars from programs for at-risk communities to fund his partisan national lawsuits, filing new ones even in the middle of a pandemic when those funds are needed most here at home.

It’s time to end the partisanship in the Attorney General’s Office.

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