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George Floyd

We have come a long way as a country, but racial inequity and even bigotry remain as the legacy of slavery.

Running for office during a pandemic is challenging, but a week of protests and riots certainly provided some perspective for my campaign. Below are my thoughts on the discussion friends and family are having in these challenging times. Listening to diverse perspectives is so important now. I would welcome your personal thoughts to my email, [email protected] – Mike

While there was no noose swinging from a tree, the video of George Floyd’s murder reminded us of when black men were lynched without trial. The outrage is understandable and peaceful protests are an important way to bring about needed change in our democracy.

We have come a long way as a country, but racial inequity and even bigotry remain as the legacy of slavery.

I saw it in Chicago, where I went to law school on the notoriously tough, and mostly black, South Side. But I also saw so many efforts to overcome racial prejudice, including when I was hired as the only white person in an all-black law firm.

The small firm I joined as a part-time law clerk worked for Chicago’s first black Mayor and I (ironically) was the diversity hire so that the black staff who lived on the South Side could actually work side-by-side with, and get to know, a white person.

But the selfish violence we have seen this week does not spread justice.

Riots, looting, and vandalism do not honor George Floyd. These acts only divide us at a time our community needs to be working together to prevent this kind of injustice in the future.

As your next Attorney General, I will rely on my decades of experience as a professional lawyer, not a partisan politician, to protect everyone in the Evergreen State.

In Seattle, where I work, we all saw street crime getting so bad that a judge closed the courthouse doors, and commuters were shot waiting for the bus.

This breakdown in society is one of the reasons I am running to be your Attorney General. Tolerance of criminals is not progressive, it is destructive. It weakens our community. The law not treating everyone equally is destructive, it weakens our community

The law failed George Floyd. Let us honor him by committing ourselves to equality, and by taking action to ensure that such a failure will not happen here.