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Billion Dollar Deficits, Income Taxes and A Sex Ed Dispute In the SPI Race

This broadcast will go live at 7 PM on Monday. You can text your questions to 425-298-3098.

Even as many parts of our state begin to slowly reopen, the enormous toll on our economy and jobs from COVID-19 is becoming alarmingly clear.   On tonight’s Monday Supper Livestream (7pm), we’ll talk with House Minority Leader JT Wilcox about how Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home orders could have been done better, their impact on our state’s economy, the looming multi-billion dollar state budget deficit, and what it means for your job, your business and your community.

We’ll be joined by Jason Mercier, Government Reform Director for the Washington Policy Center, who will fill us in on calls by some to use the crisis to create a state income tax.

And, we’ll check in with a previous guest,  Maia Espinoza, who is now in a legal battle with the incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction about a description of the K-12 Sex Ed bill in her voters pamphlet statement.  You’ll find this very interesting.   

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