LIVE: Monday Supper discussion about the "Defund Police" movement

Congressman Dave Reichert & Mike Vaska Discuss Current Events

This broadcast will go live at 7 PM on Monday. You can text your questions to 425-298-3098.

I am pleased to have Former Congressman and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert join us for our Monday Supper Livestream at 7 PM. Dave has earned the trust and support of people throughout Washington State, from a 33 year career in law enforcement spending the last eight years as the first elected Sheriff in King County in over 30 years (from appointed), to holding down a highly competitive “swing” congressional seat for more than a decade. He succeeded in these very different elected roles by showing voters that his Northwest values of compassion and commonsense transcended partisan lines.

We are living through traumatic times, from the COVID-19 epidemic which has laid waste to our healthcare systems and our economy over the past three months, to the violence that has ripped through our streets and threatened not just innocent lives and property, but has also overshadowed the heartfelt messages of the legitimate protestors. As I wrote in a statement earlier this week, “the selfish violence we have seen this week does not spread justice. Riots, looting, and vandalism do not honor George Floyd. These acts only divide us at a time our community needs to be working together to prevent this kind of injustice in the future.”

It is with this turmoil weighing heavily on all of us that we are honored to have Dave Reichert be our guest on our next Monday Supper Livestream event. He has first-hand experience chasing down criminals in the streets and working on policy solutions in the halls of our nation’s capitol. Dave will share with us his perspectives from years on the public safety frontlines, from hunting down and capturing the Green River Killer, to literally chasing down looters during the WTO riots in 1999, to working on police reform in Congress.

We’ll discuss his thoughts on how our state can recover from our current health, economic, and public safety challenges, and how our police can rebuild trust with the communities they are facing in the streets today. We’ll also discuss during our Monday Supper Livestream at 7 pm how, as your next Attorney General, I can play a strong convening role in bringing people together to forge solutions that protect all the people of the Evergreen State.

Please share this event with your friends and family. Since our in-person campaign events are very limited, we’re relying on virtual events. Your help spreading the word about this event with former Congressman and King County Sheriff Dave Reichert will help us defeat Bob Ferguson.

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