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Mike has the deep experience we need at this time to help lead the Evergreen State and its people out of our health and economic crisis.

Protecting communities, consumers, and your tax dollars

Mike will work to keep us safe by taking on homelessness and public safety issues, consumer scams, and fraud against government programs which are costing the taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars during the COVID-19 crisis.

People across our state are facing unprecedented challenges made much worse by COVID-19: rampant homelessness, unpunished criminals, consumer scams, and massive cyber-fraud against government programs are daily headlines.

Unfortunately, our current Attorney General, instead of addressing such serious problems in our state, is diverting millions of dollars from vulnerable communities to pay for his obsession with filing partisan national lawsuits. He disbanded the AG office’s computer crimes unit and has said nothing–-and taken no action–to address homelessness and related public safety issues.

Mike will focus on keeping our citizens safe here at home and spending those millions that Bob Ferguson is wasting to help our fellow citizens instead of on partisan lawsuits.

Rob McKenna convened several successful Attorney General task forces, including one on combatting human sex trafficking that helped him develop a model now followed by other states.

As Attorney General, Mike will use that convening model to:

  • Create a Homelessness Task Force, bringing together all interests needed to develop a statewide plan for protecting the public from criminals who exploit the current situation while treating the underlying causes with compassion.
  • Create a Cybercrime Unit and, working with our state’s incredible technology community, develop innovative ways to detect and prosecute scammers, enforcing and enhancing state’s existing tough laws.
  • Monitor potential for fraud in government programs and strengthen the state’s ability to avoid being ripped off by scammers, like those who recently stole hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment payments.

Mike is the only candidate for Attorney General with decades of legal experience. During his decades of service as a community and business leader, he has brought people together to solve tough challenges like those we are facing today.

Mike led the consumer protection and antitrust practice at one of the Northwest’s top law firms for 30 years. He knows how to hold wrongdoers accountable, recovering millions of dollars for consumers from cartels charging inflated prices. He also served as a special deputy prosecuting attorney putting drug dealers behind bars. 

As a community and political leader, Mike has brought diverse groups together to lower the cost of transportation projects, improve health care access, and create innovate business models for delivering community news. 

Mike most recently served three years as chair of one of the most successful political organizations in our state, leading the recruitment and election of leaders who believe in working across partisan divides and taking common-sense approaches to our challenges.

Mike has the deep experience we need at this time to help lead the Evergreen State and its people out of our health and economic crisis.