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As Attorney General, Mike will restore the Attorney General's Office to be an independent, non-partisan, and professional office.

Protecting your rights as an independent watchdog over state government

Mike is a professional attorney, not a partisan politician, and will restore the Attorney General’s office to its important role as an independent, non-partisan, and professional watchdog over state government to protect your rights and interests.

Our Attorney General is elected directly by you, not appointed by the Governor, to be the state’s chief law enforcement officer and an independent, non-partisan watchdog and advisor to state government.

The current Attorney General has abandoned the long tradition of running the office as a professional law firm, instead turning it into a partisan shop pursing lawsuits against his political opponents. He has diverted millions of dollars from groups helping our state’s most vulnerable communities–just to pay for his obsession with suing the President.

Unfortunately, Bob Ferguson has abandoned his oversight responsibilities, and has been silent as the Governor leads the state into a constitutional crisis over his partisan and unequal use of his emergency powers.

As Attorney General, Mike will restore the office to be an independent, non-partisan, and professional office to:

  • Exercise his independent power to advise the Governor and other executive officers and legislators on the limits of their power, including limits on emergency orders.
  • Issue public AG Opinions on the limits of emergency and other powers.
  • Propose amendments to the emergency powers laws to require–as a check and balance on the Governor’s power–that the AG review the constitutionality of their use.

Mike is the only candidate for Attorney General with decades of legal experience. 

Mike has practiced for more than 30 years at one of the Northwest’s top law firms, leading its consumer protection and antitrust practice. He has advised some of the Northwest’s most successful companies, helping them solve tough challenges. 

Mike has won cases in the Washington Supreme Court and the federal appeals courts, including ones to limit the reach of government by lowering car tab fees, reducing regulations, and protecting private property rights. Mike has also been a successful advocate for lowering the cost of and increased accountability for public transportation agencies.

Mike most recently served three years as chair of one of the most successful political organizations in our state, leading the recruitment and election of leaders who believe in working across partisan divides and taking common-sense approaches to our challenges.

Mike will restore the great tradition of a professional, non-partisan Attorney General’s office to serve you, not the political ambitions of the Attorney General.